iTop Installation Wizard

Prerequisites validation: 2 Error(s), 2 Warning(s).

Error: The current PHP Version (5.3.29) is lower than the minimum version required to run iTop, which is (5.6.0)

'magic_quotes_gpc' is set to On. Please turn it Off in php.ini before continuing.

Missing optional PHP extension: ldap. LDAP authentication will be disabled.

post_max_size (110M) in php.ini should be strictly greater than upload_max_filesize (110M) otherwise you cannot upload files of the maximum size.

Required PHP extension(s): dom, hash, iconv, json, mysqli, pcre, session, simplexml, soap, zip, zlib.

Optional PHP extension(s): gd, mcrypt.

Loaded php.ini files: /usr/selector.etc/php.ini

The value for session.save_path (/tmp) is writable for the web server.

Sorry, the installation cannot continue. Please fix the errors and reload this page to launch the installation again.